New music releases are playlist-worthy

Lianna Arenas

By Lianna Arenas

Leaves and the temperature aren’t the only thing dropping this October. From bops to ballads, various artists such as Future, Daniel Caesar, and many more surprised us with new releases and features.

After a year of releasing his break-through album Freudian, Daniel Caesar took the music world by storm with “Who Hurt You.” The single contains a strong emotional message that is particularly different than his other heartfelt love songs. Lyrics such as “Strange new addictions picked up on the road/ Changed my opinions and changed-up my flows” really hit the heart and put you in your feelings. With melodic verses, smooth background, and a bumping bass, this song is a pure masterpiece and will be added to my playlist.

Starting off with soft instrumentals, Future has a strong entrance as he begins with “Just like an astronaut/ We don’t detox” on his new song “Astronaut” featuring Juice WRLD. From there, the track remains upbeat and immediately makes your head bop from the moment it begins. It is clear that these two artists are a good pair when making music and will hopefully work together again for future collaborations. Kudos to them for managing to keep this track a secret without any leaks. It may be short, but definitely makes up for it with Boondocks references and a highly energized sound throughout.

Recently this week, ZAYN surprised his fans with a new release called “Fingers” after dropping  track after track this year. Just like his previous songs, they all have a unique sound that represents him as an artist. The melody was smooth with vocal chops in the background. Although compared to his other songs, “Fingers” just didn’t click for me the first time I heard it. To me it is a song that you’ll have to listen to over and over again to really enjoy. Other than that, this song gives chill vibes and is a great slow jam to listen to when lounging around.

These new releases are hits and might make an appearance in your playlist. I know they all made it to mine. Personally, Daniel Caesar’s “Who Hurt You” is my favorite, but I can see myself listening to all three when driving around, doing homework, or any other activity. With this, I have high expectations for all of these artists’ future works.