UNICEF summit in D.C. enlightens students on solutions to global issues


Jill Grinnell

By Jill Grinnell

Senior Muskan Amin attended a breakout session on human trafficking at this year’s national UNICEF summit in Washington D.C. where she tracked the activities in her daily life, like the type of food she eats and clothes she wears, revealing “the substantial impact we have globally on people without labor rights.”

Students at the summit participated in interactive activities, speeches, and performances that all pertained to promoting the goals of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

Junior Ellie Protzman learned interesting information that expanded her perspective through “meeting diverse individuals and hearing the stories they have to share,” said Protzman, one of about 20 PA students who attended the conference.

By listening to talks from various speakers, members learned the importance of realizing the great effect actions have on other people.

At one of the breakout sessions, Protzman enjoyed the student speakers who discussed how students are able to make change through UNICEF.

Each year, a campaign is promoted, and this year’s summit focused on the campaign called UNICEF Unite. “The purpose of this was to emphasize uniting with people not only in your club, but also with other clubs from the nation,” said Amin.

Clubs from around the nation were able to connect and interact with each other, and also share what each club does to promote UNICEF’s mission through fundraising, advocacy, and education.

Senior Rebecca Wu attended her second summit this year and was left “inspired by how students from around the country and around the world are passionate about issues for the betterment of the world.” The thousands of students that “show their time and commitment to the organization gives me hope for the future,” said Wu.

The summit also highlighted all the fundraising activities clubs have done throughout the year, and talked about how the money is used. “Seeing how the money we raised has an impact on a global scale was really empowering,” said Wu.

The club plans to coordinate events and fundraisers with local business members to show how simple actions can make a difference, starting in our community.

One big event the club wants to host is a Water Walk, which advocates for UNICEF’s water initiative. In a Water Walk, participants walk around to different stations that promote sanitary water usage in countries with limited clean water sources. They also take part in activities that teach the importance of hydration.

This was Amin’s last summit, but she plans to continue to go on more summits as a college student. “It really doesn’t end with high school,” said Amin. “It’s something you can pursue for the rest of your life.”