New year, New me


Abby Hendrickson, Bella Coulter, Staff Writer

By Abby Hendrickson and Bella Coulter

THREE, TWO, ONE …HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Pure excitement floods my system as I cheer in the new year. It’s 2020! Anything is possible.

Over the past couple weeks, the weight of the new decade has been hitting us. We graduate this year! We could get married and have a family this decade! There are so many possibilities. My brain can’t comprehend them all.

This year in particular though, is going to be the best year yet. It’s 2020, which in itself means that this year has to be legendary. I mean, we’ve been dreaming of this year since we were children. It honestly still doesn’t feel like a real year.

My resolutions this year (Abby) are to exercise more regularly, be more confident, keep a diary, and think more positively. My resolutions this year (Bella) are to use less plastic, grow in my faith, and go to the concerts of my favorite artists! 

We’re already off to a great start: we’ve been going to the gym together every day after school since the year has started. It sucked for about two days because we were so sore we couldn’t walk up the stairs without emitting grunts resembling a dying animal, but now that we’ve gotten more used to it, we feel great.

If you need tips to actually keep your resolutions this year, our biggest advice is to start a resolution with a friend. We can definitely say that without each other, there is no way we would be going to the gym every day after school like we have been doing. Having a friend to keep you motivated and accountable really helps you achieve your goals.

Granted it’s only the second week, but we feel good.

A lot of people have been super negative this year, saying that they don’t really believe a new year is a fresh start. We’re not here for the naysayers. You should always be aiming to better yourself, and the new year provides the perfect opportunity to get the fresh start some people need. 

I know for us, we love improving ourselves and the opportunities the new year will offer. This year could be our best year yet!

And so, in conclusion loyal readers, use this new year as a kick-start to your best life. Reflect on how you want to change, and make it happen.

A very Gatsby cheers to that my friends. It’s the new Roaring ’20s, old sport. Time to get out there.