[QUIZ] If you were a roach at PA, where would you live?


Photo courtesy of @pahs_roachreview on Instagram

John Kibler

PA’s infamous roach infestation! We simply would not be the same without it. These crunchy creatures find their way into the building, just as we humans do, and can often be seen in the hallway providing much-needed emotional support as we trudge along from one class to another.

Yet what do they receive for their support? Contempt. Ridicule. When a roach is spotted, one may scream or curse VBCPS for putting off our renovation. Instinct compels us to take a picture for Instagram’s @pahs_roachreview and flee down the hall.

Now, in an attempt to put an end to the war between these two communities at PA, sit back on your exoskeleton and prepare to put yourself in someone else’s tarsi.