Abby Hendrickson, Bella Coulter , Staff Writer

By Abby Hendrickson and Bella Coulter

“All I want is love that lasts, is all I want too much to ask? Is there something wrong with me?”

Behold, the powerful words of Olivia Rodrigo that have unfortunately defined our lives in the past month. Valentine’s Day came and went and we remained single pringles and honestly we’re getting a little sick.

For me (AH), Valentine’s Day was actually really fun. I spent it with friends and thrived for my 18th year of being single on this forsaken day… I mean, who needs a man when you have Italian food? However, of late, the subconscious and unrecognized feelings have begun to surface. Just like in the song, there are two boys. I (kind of) had a brief fling with someone, but being around him always made me feel small and weak (which for those who know me, are NOT feelings I am used to or enjoy). It really is imagination that is a killer because sometimes I just imagine a perfect (and unlikely) relationship that could have been if he had just made a little bit of effort when talking to me. While it hurt, I knew what I deserved so I ended it. I will never fight for someone’s attention. But now, every time I go to the gym to be active, I have to deal with the very real possibility of running into him. Not only do I look disgusting with sweat pouring from every pore of my body and a beet-red splotchy face, but then I have to awkwardly wave pretending I am not seething with him. Dumb boy.

The other one is much much different. I cannot get too into the details, but I fear it will never happen. He deserves the very best and I wish that for him though. I just can’t help imagining how happy we would be together, but then again, there’s a million reasons why that would NEVER work. The man in the sky really does enjoy playing with my feelings, as I do not think there is any aspect of my life that is not complicated at the moment. 

On the other hand, I (BC) have faced an entirely different, but equally sad scenario. I also have two boys who are plaguing my mind, and I am sick of it. First, there is a boy at my work who I have caught feelings for, and they’ve been going strong for several months now. Unfortunately, he is already taken in a serious way, and I have been forced to live with my feelings in silence. The situation is quite complicated, so much so that I often leave work with my head spinning with possibilities of what could be. I won’t get into all the details because it’s definitely too messy for a high school newspaper, but just know I am struggling.

Then for the second boy, he and I both attend the same church and we have known each other for 12 years now. His family is practically my family. I absolutely adore his mom and sisters, and unfortunately feelings for him have also been going strong for a couple years now. The issue with him is that a few years ago, another girl appeared at our church and since then he has chosen to spend his time with her over me. I find her incredibly annoying and self-centered, and recently I’ve gotten a little sick of them always being together. On the bright side though, he has started talking to me more recently, which is honestly progress as sad as that sounds. 

Oh well. What can you do.

Throughout all of this, this song has become our national anthem. I mean, what else captures the emotions of unrequited love more perfectly than a hopeless ballad sung by a Disney Channel star? 

The answer is nothing.

Anyway, we both desperately need to go to college. Options in Virginia Beach are limited, and we’re just tired of being caught up over the same mediocre boys. UVA boys need to pull through, is all we’re saying. 

“All I have is myself at the end of the day. And all I want is for that to be okay.”

(Sorry for this emo hours column, we’ll be back to our regular power posts as soon as possible).