Profiles for 2020-2021 PA class presidents

SCA President

By Sophia Meagher

As SCA president, senior Brady Callahan is determined to make this unusual year one of PA’s best. 

“As president this year, I am hoping to really be able to promote the family atmosphere that I know so many [people] feel at PA.”

One of the ways Callahan plans to do so is to “really emphasize our school spirit by allowing for the student body to be together whether that’s virtual or in-person.”

She also reported, “I am just hoping that we will be able to do things together as an SCA officer team and as a school in order to just really emphasize the good parts of this year, and to help bring a little more joy to the school.”

Concerning PA’s major traditions, Callahan wrote, “Because of the nature of this year, we really do not know what our normal events, such as Powderpuff, Love Run, Homecoming, and student-faculty basketball, will look like. [However], we know we’re going to try our best to hold them, even if it’s in a bit different fashion than normal.”

In addition to working to put on normal school events, Callahan is looking to try something new by “taking some of our favorite aspects of all the events and creating a virtual or socially-distanced get-together with the school.” 

This is just one of the ways Callahan wants “to create new traditions because of the current COVID-19 situation that will continue on for years [from now].”

Class of 2021 President

By Ruby Hoffman

Given the circumstances, there have been many breaches in our common sense of ‘normalcy’ this year. However, it came as a relief to many students that PA class elections were neither stalled nor up-ended, and when all of the virtual votes were counted, Gali Robledo was elected as the 2020-2021 Senior Class President. 

Robledo has prior experience in teamwork and leadership positions as she has taken part in SCA, cheered with the PA cheer team, and acted as a counselor for middle schoolers at the PA Feeder School Leadership Workshop; she has also attended PA Leadership Workshop (HOBY Youth Leadership Seminar), and a Diversity Ambassador Workshop.

She and her team of fellow class officers have an array of plans for this year, and although “sadly we cannot hold events like we could in the past,” she remarks, “right now we’re planning on hosting events through Zoom and hoping we can have events in person—but, of course, following the CDC guidelines.” 

While it is still uncertain as to how events will unfold moving forward—as schools open and as the pandemic begins to coincide with the seasonal flu—Robledo maintains a positive outlook given that student government has “some fundraisers planned out for the year such as class t-shirts, crewnecks, stickers, and even masks… We’re excited about that,” she says. 

Amid pandemic shutdowns, Robledo empathizes with the whole of the student body as she confides, “I’ve been struggling with my mental health and I know some of my friends and classmates have been struggling with the same thing. Being inside my room and not being able to see my best friends and favorite teachers has really affected me emotionally and at times I really do feel lonely.” 

However, she hopes she can utilize her time as class president to provide solace to PA students in similar situations. “It is so important to focus on our mental health and remind everyone that they are not alone,” Robledo says. “Our secretary, Sarah Donahue, is actually an officer for the Lighthouse Psychology Club, so I’m hoping we can collaborate with them and really spread awareness within our class and the Princess Anne community.” 

In her role as Senior Class President, Robledo relates that she is “most excited about working as a team with the other officers.” She aspires to foster a collaborative environment between all of the officers in order to “make this feel more like a team, rather than depending on one leader.” 

Robledo is prepared to weather the challenges and embrace the opportunities that this role will present to her and her fellow officers as she expresses, “I’m looking forward to making this year the best with the amazing team that I have.” 

Robledo disclosed that she and the entirety of the team of class officers are “planning on doing weekly check-ins to see how everyone is doing and how we can help them—whether it be academics, mental health, sports,” or any other matter of importance to students.

Class of 2022 President

By Emma Halman

Amid the apprehension of the upcoming presidential election, PA students have used their voices to host their own democracy. Elections for SCA and class officers were held at the beginning of the month with a considerable turn-out all around. 

Junior Zoe Davis has been elected to serve the class of 2022 as president for the third year in a row. Davis virtually campaigned over social media with a platform of three distinct goals: reunite the class in the aftermath of COVID-19, encourage class participation and school spirit, and raise money for Ring Dance. 

After serving as the class president for the past two years, Davis has gained a deeper understanding of the students and their wishes. She explained, “Leadership really just comes with experience. The more experience you have, the easier it is to plan things, delegate tasks, etc.” With that said, Davis has already brainstormed a plethora of activities to reunite the class in a safe and fun environment.

Davis and the other class officers (Isabel Xiao, Tori Loehn, and Rose Zhang) planned to hold a pumpkin carving event for the class in the upcoming weeks. However, after a discussion with student activities coordinator Bob Robbins, they faced some setbacks due to COVID-19 safety precautions. Maintaining an optimistic outlook nonetheless, Davis said, “I think we’ll figure something else out soon because I really want to reunite the class and do something fun. We have also wanted to do a movie night for so long because it would be something easy to spread out.”

Ring Dance is one of the most excitedly anticipated events of the year for the junior class. Although the class of 2021 did not get to have their dance this past March due to the regulations of the pandemic, Davis has already begun planning to ensure the class of 2022 will not have to face the same disappointment. 

Davis eagerly began to describe her plans for the dance in the spring: “So, right now, we don’t know exactly if we’ll be able to have the dance because of COVID and having that many people in one space, but our plan is to have a joint dance with the seniors in the gym; they would have prom and we would have our ring dance. With our budget I want to fully decorate the gym so you wouldn’t even be able to recognize it, like something out of a movie.”

Class of 2023 President

By Ana Costanzo

Despite virtual school hindering school spirit traditions and SCA bean-bag discussions, the current socially distanced school paradigm did not deter sophomore Gerald Thomas from applying for 10th grade class president. 

“This is not my first high school leadership experience,” said Thomas, regarding his previous experience in which he was an SCA executive member and Love Run committee member his freshman year at PA. “I wanted to step up my leadership game…I thought [class president] was the right position for me…” 

Moreover, Thomas expressed his aims for this school year via email in which he plans to “establish class unity” from the safe distance of students’ homes. 

“Because of COVID-19, students feel like there is no way for them to be active in their communities.” He further went on to discuss how to create class unity: “I believe the best way for students to stay active…would be to participate in virtual activities…” in which students may acquire a social experience outside the traditional norm of the school building.

While still a year into the future, Thomas plans on starting fundraisers to secure donations for Ring Dance for his junior year. “I understand how expensive school dances can be, so I want to take initiative now and make sure we have the funds needed to have an amazing Ring Dance.” 

Though he plans on establishing the spirit of the Cavalier through the blue screen, he understands the challenge of this year amidst socially distanced, mask-clad compatriots. 

“There will be many challenges to be the best president for my class,” said Thomas. Without face-to-face interaction, “it will be harder for me to create better connections with students.” 

The Page recommends contacting class officers and SCA members to discuss issues and concerns.