Getting to know SAGA club

Rebecca Hearns, Staffer

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance Club (SAGA) at PA has three main goals: social, educational, and community advocacy/support. Yet, according to art teacher and sponsor of the club Sarah Lubert, “SAGA is more of a student-led club.”

At the first meeting of SAGA, students discussed their personal goals and purpose for being a member of the club. The primary importance of the club is based on the advocacy and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“It promotes inclusiveness, which in turn promotes tolerance, and it helps protect a lot of students,” Lubert explained, noting that the overall positive effects SAGA has on students are promoting a better work ethic, self-confidence, and increasing motivation. “My high school didn’t have one, so I made one. I saw the effects that it had on myself and my peers and even my teachers.” Lubert feels that it’s crucial that she carries on this cause at PA.

 Explaining her definition of SAGA, Lubert said, “It’s a club for LGBTQ+ students and allies to connect with one another, to learn about the community, history and today’s pressing issues, and to advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusiveness and safety in our schools and the greater Hampton Roads community.”

After the late November first meeting, the members of SAGA would love to see others connect with like-minded students. The club does not have officers yet because of students lost to graduation. 

The next meeting has yet to be announced, but the club is currently brainstorming ideas for community events and outreach programs

Speaking on behalf of the current SAGA members, Lubert sends this message: “I wish it to be meaningful and important to each and every one of you.”

Anyone interested in participating or learning more about SAGA can reach out to Lubert at [email protected] or through Remind (text “@3bdkd6” to 81010) to receive updates on SAGA’s projects, meetings, and additional information.