Kaleidoscope: Get Free

Lydia Winstead


Her mother spoke an important lesson,

The time she was three,

“Not all those who wander are lost”

This made her free,


She always felt restless,

While the next decade passed in a blur,

She loved to try many things,

But too many bored her,


Five years later she met him,

Somehow he knew everything she felt,

That made her share her life with him,

They became closer as the snow began to melt,


When he asked her to leave everything she knew,

She had no hesitation,

Through the first weeks,

She didn’t mind his invasion,


But as time went on,

She started to feel like she was sinking in sand,

She knew their love was wrong,

So she began to fear his hand, 


Everytime they fought, 

He would later say sorry,

But how long should this go on,

Before she should worry?


After a week of not seeing the sun,

She remembered her mother’s words,

She couldn’t tell if it was wrong,

But she wanted to be free with the birds,


One night she broke his spell,

Let her sorrows loose on the wind,

Although she felt lost,

No more hurt would she find.