Kaleidoscope: A Minute’s Weather

Samantha Lee


The alarm clock blares once again. The birds sing their song on the top of the highest tree, each with a different simplistic tune, expressing the beauty of the melodies filling the air. The sun peaks above the valley and meadows as the wind cruises past and the leaves dance through the fresh morning breeze. The dew from last night’s downpour glistens on top of the grass and the blooming flowers of springtime lighten the mood from last night’s storm of depression. Yet above all this, here I am, hidden under the sheets of my bed, my eyes shut like prison doors. The warmth felt through my body now tingles from head to toe. My mind races through every possible scenario of the day’s tasks, and what could go wrong at any moment. Again I force myself out of bed, embracing all I physically can until my body finally crashes to the ground. The worst has yet to happen. The minutes tick by at a rate slower than I can count. 

And it’s only 5:46am.