What’s not to Love about Netflix?

By Katie Smith

Since 1997 when Netflix was founded, over 29 million people have registered to the online streaming service making it one of the most popular streaming services in the United States.

For just $9.00 a month Netflix offers over 1,000 TV shows and movies for you to choose from.

“My favorite thing about Netflix is the variety of shows,” said freshman Haley Uncapher.

Netflix provides viewers with both movies and TV shows of every genre.

When it began, Netflix would send DVD’s to your house for you to view and when you were done watching the movie you would return it.

Since then Netflix has made it so you don’t have to leave your bed to get access to all your favorite movies and TV shows with their expensive streaming service.

Netflix also began developing their own series and shows for viewers to stream including The Crown, Orange is the New Black, and Fuller House.

Many students at PA have a favorite or least favorite of those Netflix Original Series and preferences about what they want to see on Netflix.

“I don’t have a favorite per say but I just started watching one called Girl Boss which is really good and it’s empowering,” said sophomore Shannon Dinkler.

Students also enjoy the Netflix Original Series based off of other shows on television.

“My favorite Netflix Original Series is Fuller House,” said sophomore Nina Metzger, “I like it because it is a spin-off of one of the good shows I used to watch.”

Netflix not only produces many original series but also gives viewers the option to view other popular shows on television.

Some students prefer watching the regular television shows on Netflix rather than Netflix Original Series.

“I will watch the originals but more so just the normal TV that gets put on there,” said Dinkler.

Many students prefer Netflix over cable TV as well.

“I definitely, 100% prefer Netflix over regular TV,” said Uncapher.

“It really depends for me,” said Dinkler, “Most of the time, I am watching Netflix more, but that’s just because it has shows like Friends and The Office which are my all-time favorites.”

Metzger prefers Netflix because, “It gives more options without ad breaks.”

“I like Netflix because of the variety of shows,” said Uncapher, “There’s lots of things to watch and lots of variety like comedy and drama.”