Boys’ Volleyball: Season in Review

By Avery Goodstine

The PA boys volleyball season has come to end after they lost a game in the semi-finals. They fought hard, with a total record of 19-7 before going to the playoffs.

Junior Micah King said that overall they were a winning team and they “did a good job coming together and learning to play together” because they lost almost all of their seniors starters.

King said it took a while for the team to get into a positive mindset, but once they did, they were able to really come together and stay focused during the season.

Junior Connor Dooren and senior Lane Turner said that the season was a success.

“We had two new starters this year who never played volleyball before,” said Turner. “We were able to come together as a team.”

“We used everyone the best we could. Next year we are going to come back with the same mentality,” said Dooren. “We had the best season we could ask for. I would want it to be longer and compete in the state finals again.”

King said the team have a really optimistic mentality for the whole season.

“I really developed as a teammate and as a player. The environment is really friendly,” said Turner. “I developed as a teammate and became more supportive.”

Dooren said that stepping up to be a team captain this year was a huge accomplishment for him. “It’s a really big responsibility. I really embraced it and I’m super proud of everyone.”

He also said that right now the team is focused on on getting more people to come out, especially underclassmen. “It’s a rebuilding phase,” he said.

This was Turner’s last year on the team and he said he wants to leave a positive mentality behind. “I would try to work as hard as I can and be supportive. I want to leave behind a positive work ethic and to remind people that it’s just a game. You should really care about it and be passionate.”

“I’m super proud of what we were able to accomplish. We came out as the underdogs,” said Dooren.

Turner said, “The coaching staff and the team are a really great, supportive group of people.”