Insidious: The Last Key is shocking


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By Allie Boulier

4 stars

Insidious: The Last Key is filled to the brim with jump scares and scenes guaranteed to make your skin crawl and your hair stand up. Coming into the theater, I was nervous that this addition to the series wouldn’t be relevant and would lack the amount of jump scares the previous films all share. Luckily, my caution was mostly unjustified as Lin Shaye (who plays Elise) continues to blow my mind with remarkable acting skills and the unwavering bravery her character shows the face of evil. It unexpectedly provides a great addition to the Insidious series by shedding light on Elise’s past as well as tying in the previous movies into the plot.  In The Last Key, Elise goes back to the haunted house she grew up in to travel into the spirit world (aka the Further) to stop a demon that forces men who live in the house to kidnap and torture women.

My only complaint is that the ending seemed to be rushed and sloppy with no sense of closure. While it left implications for a fifth addition, I left the theater thinking about how I would have rewritten the ending. Although the conclusion was lacking in closure, Insidious: The Last Key is an overall great film to stay in and watch for the fun of being scared.