Cavalier Instagram pages take over


Courtesy of @pahs.memes.

Gabi Altinok, Staff Writer

If you are a Cavalier, there’s no way you haven’t heard of at least some of the recent PAHS Instagram pages…unless of course you don’t have Instagram (in which case your life is probably more fulfilling than mine).

Well, in that case, I’m gonna give you the basic run down. It was cute at first, right? A few pages here and there like @cavalier_naps or @pacuts. However, I start to worry when I stumble upon @pah.pda. Do I wanna see high school couples breaking some Cav Codes on school grounds? No. Am I probably just spiteful towards people who are in happy relationships? Possibly.

It doesn’t just stop there. Naming just a sliver of them, we now have countless pages coming up such as @pa_emos, @cavs_fits, @cavaliercouples_, @cavalier_goofys, @princessannehs_confessions, and more. Trust me, there are definitely more. Do not even get me started on @pahs_roachreview. I can’t tell if the owners of these pages have way too much free time, or are just plain geniuses. I could go on and on to list the different profiles, but that would take forever since there is a new one created almost every second.

After a few profiles were created, it set off a chain reaction where dozens of pages are now popping up out of nowhere. Honestly, I think kids are just trying to hop on the new trend. However, now it’s become a tad bit excessive. If I see one more show up on my feed, I will probably have to uninstall the app.

Of course, in today’s day and age cyberbullying is a risk when it comes to social media (as it has been for a while). However, I have not seen anything happen yet that is worse than the occasional post without consent. Hopefully, it doesn’t escalate further than that. How will I live without my daily dose of PA memes?

All in all, I have nothing against these pages, personally. In fact, some of these page owners are my good friends. No, I will not be naming these friends. But I do know a good few of my peers who have decided to show their school spirit through this weird social media trend.

Most of these accounts just entail various photos of students napping, being “emo,” having interesting haircuts, and for some reason, reviews of cockroaches that reside here in our beloved school. (What scale are we rating them on?)

However, out of all these accounts, do you wanna know what my favorite PA Instagram page is? @thepagepahs. I highly recommend that you follow it if you haven’t already. I heard that it’s pretty cool. Wink.