Homecoming dance leaves an impression

Ekene Osuchukwu

By Ekene Osuchukwu

Princess Anne’s homecoming was “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!” said senior Connor Dooren. “I danced with my friends and we did a few dance circles. We just left it all out there because it was our last one.” The #lastonebestone was used to capture the senior experience for Dooren.

Although “Princess Anne’s homecoming is what sets it apart from other schools,” according to Homecoming Queen Hope Berns, whose Homecoming King was Miles Kendrick.

But the gym’s air conditioner did not cooperate.“It got to the point where everyone was so sweaty that no one even cared anymore,” said freshman Sarah Killmon.

The “temperature was a bummer but didn’t really affect the dance that much,” said Berns.

The concession stands did benefit, as they sold out of water by 9 o’clock; however, the dance ended at 10 p.m., so for the last hour “everyone was dying and so thirsty,” said Killmon.

People went outside every few minutes to cool off, even taking off parts of their outfits so they wouldn’t overheat. “It was so bad my shirt came unbuttoned because I sweated through it,” explained Dooren.

When asked about the heat of the dance Dooren said, “We all stayed through it and stayed positive.”

Homecoming always features a DJ, but this year the dance used the same one from 2017. “I thought it was interesting,” said Berns, “because it was the same DJ as last year and I hated him last year, but I didn’t really mind him this year.”  He played a few hits but stuck to the dance classics like the “Cupid Shuffle,” “Wobble,” and more to get the crowd dancing. Though in the future, many students recommended that he take song suggestions.

The energy continued all the way to the last song, “Don’t You (Forget About me),” where the entire dance floor “got in a big circle and were just in each other’s arms dancing and signing,” remembered Dooren.

“If you’re missing out on homecoming then you are missing out on the biggest thing that makes us who we are,” said Berns.