Spooky time is the best time of the year

Dylan Stanford

By Dylan Stanford

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s spooky time! Also known as the absolute best time of the year. The

leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and all the great candies and Netflix movies

are out.

Personally, my plans for Halloween are almost always extravagant, whether its carving

pumpkins a week before, scouring the internet for scary movies, making little spooky treats, or

going to late night Halloween parties.

Just being honest here, Halloween is the best time of the year, and here’s why.

Halloween has so many things that go with it. Carving pumpkins? Literally no matter how old

you are that is always something that you can do. As a kid, as a teenager, and as an adult. It can

be very fun night if you make it.

Trick or Treating? Okay yes, it is a kid thing, but it’s still nice to hand out candy and look at all

the costumes. And if you’re lucky, maybe later you can hit up some Halloween parties. It’s

always especially great if you have a younger sibling because stealing their candy is basically


Spooky movies? Heck to the yes! Netflix has already put out some actually scary movies and

shows that are perfect to put on while snuggling up with friends and snacks.

Unfortunately, Halloween is only one night every year, so once it’s over, its over. But that take

away from the fact that its still an amazing holiday. Because once Halloween is over, it signals

the start of every other holiday this season, like Thanksgiving, (and also all the candy sales at every nearby grocery store).

Really, Halloween can never go wrong. It’s always something to look forward to, and it’s a

little boost into the next holidays. So I hope that you guys got your spooky on this Halloween

season because it’s definitely something worth being extra for.