Chorus performs unique, cultural music at fall concert

Kendall Peterson

By Kendall Peterson

This year’s chorus concert on Oct. 23 incorporated many different genres of music coming from several different, unique cultures.

The show started off with the Soundwaves singing “The Mass,” which consisted of many Latin prayers. Junior Shreya Nagabhirava said, “We performed ‘The Mass’ two years ago but it is still really beautiful…it meant a lot to us and we really worked hard on it.”

Other members of Soundwaves seemed to enjoy that performance also. “I liked ‘The Mass’ in the beginning because it was really different since I’m not used to singing in a different language, but it was really fun to learn,” said freshman Sarah Killmon.

Vocal Motion and Forte sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and songs from the Disney movie, “Jungle Book.” Afterwards, Vocal Motion performed the country song “Trouble,” “Stupid Cupid,” and “Walking After Midnight.”

Junior Natalie Smith said, “My favorite song was ‘Trouble’ because it was so fun and we had the hats too.” She also was one of the soloists in the “Walking After Midnight” performance.

There were some unexpected situations before the show that caused complications.

Nagabhirava said, “I got in a fender bender before the concert, so I basically got ready five minutes before the show.”

The Soundwaves also performed the James Bond theme song, which “was a different experience for all of us,” according to Nagabhirava, because they were not singing words for that song, rather they performed a cappella, in which singers replicate the sounds of instruments.

The final performance was “Fiesta,” with the Soundwaves singing and salsa-dancing. “‘Fiesta’ really helped break me out of my shell and it gave us all an opportunity to showcase our abilities,” said Nagabhirava.

At one point during the song, some of the Soundwave members ran out into the audience and started dancing with them, which was Nagabhirava’s “favorite part of the concert,” and according to KIllmon, “the audience seemed really engaged.”

“Fiesta” was a “great end to the concert,” said Nagabhirava, and overall, “It was one of the better concerts we’ve had,” said Smith.