Titans deflate Patriots in 34-10 win

Tyler Filippini

By Tyler Filippini


Steelers 52 (6-2-1, 1st in AFC North), Panthers 21 (6-3, 2nd in NFC South)


Another Thursday night blowout. The Steelers offense appears to have moved past the absence of Le’Veon Bell, displaying their array of running back options throughout the contest. Despite the score, the Panthers remain a formidable wild card team within the NFC thanks to the emergence of D.J. Moore and the resurgence of Greg Olsen.


Chiefs 26 (9-1, 1st in AFC West), Cardinals 14 (2-7, 3rd in NFC West)


Thanks to a loss by the Patriots, the Chiefs now have a two-game cushion over the rest of the AFC. The only question remaining is if this high-octane offense can keep up the intensity during the cold playoff months.


Bills 41 (3-7, 3rd in AFC East), Jets 10 (3-7, 4th in AFC East)


Who knew it would take Matt Barkley on the road to really get this Bills offense going? Two teams with no playoff hopes and relatively bleak futures squared off in a blowout by the road team. I apologize on behalf of the league to anyone forced to witness this game. Todd Bowles is going to have to step things up if he wants to avoid the hot seat.


Colts 29 (4-5, 3rd in AFC South), Jaguars 26 (3-6, 4th in AFC South)


This week’s commentary on the Jaguars is missing, just like their defense. Also, Jalen Ramsey doesn’t want to resign anymore, leaving the Jags as a one-season wonder. It’s always nice to see Andrew Luck playing well, providing us with a feel-good story after his horrendous injury list.


Saints 51 (8-1, 1st in NFC South), Bengals 14 (5-4, 2nd in AFC North)


The Saints are a very good team, making it all the more surprising that their only loss of the season was a 48-40 upstaging at home by the Buccaneers. Andy Dalton is not good without A.J. Green. But even worse is that the backup quarterback, Jeff Driskel, rumbled for 35 yards and a touchdown, flashing his vision and ability to extend the play.


Titans 34 (5-4, 2nd in AFC South), Patriots 10 (7-3, 1st in AFC East)


In a rematch of last year’s divisional round game, the Titans bested the Patriots as Tom Brady succumbed to the heat once again. This isn’t a sign of the apocalypse coming as the Patriots are still 7-3 and the Titans are a frequently overlooked team, but it’s always nice to see a good underdog story and watch the juggernaut lose. Oddly enough, the Titans now have wins this season over both Super Bowl participants from last year, outlasting the Eagles in overtime in week 4.


Browns 28 (3-6-1, 4th in AFC North), Falcons 16 (4-5, 3rd in NFC South)


It would be nice if Baker Mayfield woke up feeling dangerous every day. When you’re the future face of the Cleveland Browns, that’s a tall order, especially considering that he started the season behind Tyrod Taylor. It was nice to see Julio Jones be the quickest receiver to 10,000 yards, especially considering the inconsistency he has experienced in his years in Atlanta.


Chargers 20 (7-2, 2nd in AFC West), Raiders 6 (1-8, 4th in AFC West)


I can hear Vegas calling, Raiders fans. The move to Las Vegas can’t happen soon enough for Jon Gruden and the rest of this plummeting Raiders squad. The Chargers, meanwhile, will be jockeying for first in the division with the Chiefs, coming to a head in their week 17 matchup.