Week 15 NFC Analysis: Foles and the Eagles, on the road, shock the Rams 30-23

Akaash Kamdar

By Akaash Kamdar

Titans 17 (8-6, 3rd in AFC South), Giants 0 (5-9, 4th in NFC East)

In another dismal storyline for the Giants, they were shutout at home because of the inept offense led by Eli Manning. Although the Titans defense annihilated the Giants offense, the fact that Giants star Saquon Barkley was given only 14 carries compared to Eli Manning’s 44 pass attempts is mind-boggling. This inept offense is being run by an outdated quarterback who must go at the end of the season. Eli Manning had his time of greatness, but it is beyond obvious that he is holding back the immense talent on the team.

Bears 24 (10-4, 1st in NFC North), Packers 17 (5-8-1, 3rd in NFC North)

In a historically competitive divisional game, Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky got back in his groove to give the Bears the win, after missing two weeks and playing a horrible game in the Bears win over the Rams. Trubisky threw for 235 yards and two scores to pair with a fairly reliable running game established by Jordan Howard. Throughout the season, the race for home-field advantage was led by the Rams and Saints only; however, the Bears slowly snuck up on the division and are now a contender for the top spot.

Eagles 30 (7-7. 2nd in NFC East), Rams 23 (11-3, 1st in NFC West)

Nick Foles has struck again and he shook the entire NFC division. The Super Bowl-winning quarterback took the helm of the struggling second-tier Eagles after a Carson Wentz injury, and he casually took out the arguably best team in the NFL on a road trip.  Foles makes a case as to why he should easily be a starting quarterback for any team in the NFL, but now with Foles at quarterback, the Eagles want a playoff spot and the rest of the NFC has to be at the top of their game because Foles is accelerating at full speed.

Falcons 40 (5-9, 3rd in NFC South), Cardinals 17 (3-11, 4th in NFC West)

The Falcons proved to the NFL with a monstrous win at home that they are capable of basic football and do not need full remodeling when the offseason comes along. A normally inconsistent partnership of Matt Ryan and Tevin Coleman actually worked against the Cardinals to combine for 376 offensive yards and three scores. It may just be a rough season and one the Falcons will forget about next year to head to greatness, but it is not out of the box to do some examining to find some weak links in the management of this team.

49ers 26 (4-10, 3rd in NFC West), Seahawks 23 (8-6, 2nd in NFC West) OT

In an OT home win for the 49ers, the Seahawks are put in a difficult position, as a once relatively secure Wild Card spot is now in the wind. 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens threw for 275 yards and a touchdown and makes a case for himself to move in the offseason to a team that needs a quarterback, as the 49ers remain in Garoppolo’s control once Garoppolo is healthy. The 49ers are completely out, but the Seahawks must now win out to safely secure the Wild Card spot and it will be difficult, as the Chiefs come to town next week.

Saints 12 (12-2, 1st in NFC South), Panthers 9 (6-8, 2nd in NFC South)

The Panthers were given chance after chance to make a comeback, including a muffed punt by the Saints returner near the end of the fourth quarter, but the Panthers could not come up with anything. The Panthers defense have had it all, possession after possession and held MVP candidate Drew Brees to only 203 yards; however, the Panthers offense was led by an inept and unimpressive Cam Newton who threw for just 131 yards and a pick. Newton kept missing the target on key plays and eventually led to the loss. This game moved the Panthers so far back in the Wild Card race, as they extend their six-game losing streak, so it may be worth it because no NFL fan wants to see this horribly-performing team in the playoffs.