Girls´ basketball makes history with sixth straight state championship

By Dylan Stanford

The PA girls basketball team has done it again. Last year, they accomplished something that no other basketball team in VHSL history had done: win five consecutive titles. But last week on March 4, the Lady Cavaliers proved their determination and skill once again by defeating Thomas Edison 65-55 to win the Class 5 VHSL state championship, leaving this season’s record with 25 wins and only one loss.

Senior and forward Brianna Jackson led PA with 23 points in her last game ever as a Lady Cavalier. For her, the end of the season was surreal and she had a moment of realization where she thought, “Wow, this is my last game.”

As a last game for Jackson, it could not have gone any better.

“The highlight of the season was the game when we played Edison,” sophomore forward Sheraya Lane added, a player that stood out and grew this season. “I believe that was the best game we have ever played all season.” According to Lane, even though there were a few mistakes in the beginning, the Lady Cavaliers still pulled through and dominated in the championship game.

Senior captain and forward Mahogany Lester’s expectations for the season were met. At the beginning of the season, she felt a little nervous because the team was so young, but she knew that they could pull through in the end and get a championship as long as they worked their hardest during practices.

But how has this team been able to do what no other basketball team in VHSL history could? For Lester and Lane, it was determination for a common goal.

“We have been so successful because everyone wanted the goal and we were all willing to work for it,” said Lester.

Not only were they all willing to work diligently to achieve another state title, but there was immense pressure from the accomplishments from years past.

“We all had a common goal which was to get a ring. And we also didn’t want to be the team to break the streak we have going,” added Lane.

Although there were high expectations for this season’s team, the Lady Cavaliers had the whole school and more rooting for them.

And for next year’s team, Jackson and Lester have a few words.

“Don’t be the team to break the streak,” said both Lester and Jackson.

According to Lane and Lester, as long as the team continues to work hard to improve and keep the goal of the championship title in mind, it is sure that they will continue to succeed in all seasons to come.

“Continue to push yourselves to be better every day and don’t listen to negativity around you,” said Lester.