Teacher and coach Charles Davison leaves after two years


Allie Boulier, Editor

By Allie Boulier

After two years of teaching at Princess Anne, Charles Davison, who has taught AP U.S. History, World History I, AP U.S. Government and Politics, and coached the lacrosse team is leaving PA.

In total, Davison has been a teacher for five years and previously taught at Lake Taylor Middle School in Norfolk.

“One of the things I like about PA is that everyone here is very spirited,” Davison said. “That was an aspect that was few and far between at my other schools.”

Davison himself began playing lacrosse in high school and continued to play throughout college.

“The lacrosse team is a wonderful program full of driven young men,” said Davison. “I look forward to possibly working with them in the future and I’m excited for the possibility that lacrosse may become a VHSL sport in Virginia Beach.”

Davison’s personal background and childhood drove his interest for history, and both his father and his uncle were history majors in college as well.

“I grew up in an extremely historic rural area of Virginia and was raised on the stories of that region of George Washington and the Lee family, both of which have historical sites in that region [Westmoreland County],” Davison recalled.

Although Davison will miss hanging out in Susie Davis’s room, he says he will miss his students the most.

“In the words of The Who,” Davison joked, “´the kids are all right.´”