Senora Hotaling bids farewell to PA after 7 years to teach at ODS

Maggie Booze

After seven years of teaching at PA, Spanish and Leadership teacher Ashley Hotaling is leaving to teach seventh and eighth grade Spanish at Old Donation School.

She has taught high school for 11 years and is now transitioning to a middle school environment after having her daughter Mila last year.

“The middle school schedule will allow me to spend more time with my one-year-old daughter in the morning and fortunately at ODS, even after the time schedule change the year after next, ODS will be more or less unaffected because of the need to bus students to their home middle schools for sports,” said Hotaling.  “So the schedule was definitely an appealing aspect.”

She will, however, miss both the students and her department. Seven of her 11 years have been spent at PA and to her “it really feels like home.”

Despite this, Hotaling believes that “a change will be good! Hopefully, it will refresh me and give me a chance to teach a different group of students a different level of Spanish.”