It Chapter 2: Are you Ready for IT?

Maggie Inglesby , Staff Writer

 By Maggie Inglesby

Pennywise is back and as scary as ever and certainly does not disappoint for those who love It, but the humor is not lost in this sequel. It Chapter 2 is a satisfying sequel to anyone who saw and enjoyed the first one. The story takes place twenty seven years later with a different cast, and with a runtime of 2:50, it certainly is lengthy, but it never feels slow or full of unnecessary scenes. 

In this sequel, the losers are the group of seven kids from the original. The first thing that the audience notices is the amazing casting of the Losers’ Club’s older counterparts. The relationships of the grown-up losers are well developed and the chemistry that the older cast displays is impeccable. Viewers do not have to worry about losing the wit of the young cast as the older cast develops it further. The script is still as funny as the first if not better with comedy star Bill Hader taking up Finn Wolfhard’s previous hysterical role of Richie. While the humor is on point, the horror is outstanding. Featuring several jump scares and scenes with record breaking amounts of blood, Bill Skarsgård’s return as Pennywise is more terrifying as he begins to draw on the fears of the grown-up Losers. 

If you are not a fan of horror movies however, this would probably be a good one to go and see because while there are several jump scares there is no overwhelming sense of uneasiness throughout the movie. The main drawback in this sequal is that  there is a scene and explanation for the supernatural being that is just dumb. This scene however, was relatively brief and the rest of the movie compensates for any dumbness exhibited in this scene. 

Among the humor and the horror emotional scenes were integrated for every character, finishing off their two-movie arcs beautifully. Some tears might be shed over certain scenes, but a satisfying conclusion will be reached for every character. 

There are several flashbacks throughout the movie to give more context for the characters as well as let the audience see they’re favorite Losers as the kids we left them as. These add for more humor, more horror, and more feels. 

Additionally, if you are a fan of the original Stephen King novel that the movie is based on, several famous scenes are included from the book that were not in It. Overall, this movie is a perfect fall horror movie and is one that impeccably concludes the journey of the Losers’ Club.