Rex Orange County bounces back after rough year

Lianna Arenas, Staff Writer

By Lianna Arenas

After releasing his first original song since early February, Rex Orange County dropped his latest single “10/10.” The track includes a synthy vibe with simplistic lyrics that are easy to follow. 

The 21-year-old recording artist reflects on his rough 2018 experiences such as losing his oldest friends and ‘feeling like a 5.’ However, he powers through the low points of the past as he believes that one day he will get better.

This new optimistic perspective is seen in lines of the opening verse, “I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge/ I feel like a five, I can’t pretend/ But if I get my sh** together this year/ Maybe I’ll be a perfect 10.” 

I recommend this song as it sets a reminder that there is hope for the future even on the darkest days.

For more Rex Orange County, he recently just released that his new album PONY will drop on Oct. 25. Also, upcoming dates for THE PONY TOUR have been released through social platforms.