LaCava-Owen moves to PA administration

Akaash Kamdar, Staff Writer

By Akaash Kamdar

Former Gifted Resources teacher Jamie LaCava-Owen has taken on a new position at PA as an administrative assistant.

“It’s like a glorified name for an intern,” LaCava-Owen said. “It contains the duties of an assistant principal.” 

In her previous time at PA, she worked primarily as the gifted resources specialist, while being in charge of the instructional leadership team and sponsor for Princess Anne Leadership Workshop. 

“This year it is a little bit different with my duties,” LaCava-Owen said. “I still do Leadership Workshop and instructional leadership team, though.”

She is excited for the duties that come with her new administrative position.

“I get to supervise people, including working with them, being available for advice, and evaluating,” LaCava-Owen said.

Responsible for buses, working with the discipline secretary, reading classes, English and health/P.E. departments, custodians, and ISS, LaCava-Owen prefers “to look at it as an opportunity to work with new people.” 

“I maintain charge of several programs, work orders including our A/C or ant problems, field trip forms for teachers, and whole-school MYP/IB support,” LaCava-Owen said. “I also have an alphabetical list of students for discipline that report to me.” 

Originally anxious about the changes of her new position, she is dealing with them in a positive manner.

“I was nervous my relationship with teachers would change,” LaCava-Owen said. “As a GRT, I had a good relationship and I was afraid that would go away with my new position.”

Lacava-Owen, focused on relationships with students being her “favorite part of the job,” has had to make some adjustments in her new position. 

“I feel like I haven’t been able to see students working in the classroom as much and I love hands-on learning in the classroom,” LaCava-Owen said. “Due to events that happened recently too, I miss being there for the consistent social-emotional support for the students.”

“I have a good support system around me with the other administrators, but part of the job is being okay with not knowing and so far so good!” LaCava-Owen said. 

LaCava-Owen is excited about her future aspirations at PA and beyond.

“I would love to work more closely with Mrs. [Helen] Cox and the IB Programme, as that is one of my skill sets,” LaCava-Owen said. “I love curriculum in general, so possibly working with IB as a curriculum creator for teachers. My ultimate end goal would be to write a book or go speak. I like to motivate others and the idea of forward thinking.”