Becoming a VSCO(ish) girl for a day


Photo by Kailey Monroe.

Ana Costanzo, Staff Writer

By Ana Costanzo

Anyone living and breathing is aware of the millenial and Generation Z trend dominating the world: VSCO. Originating from an app creating aesthetic filters for social-media-glamorous photos, this subculture enamors itself with stylizing participants’ lives after this environmentally-friendly and beachy lifestyle.

Everywhere I turn in PA, I can’t help but run into one or two VSCO girls. And where there’s one, there’s always 20 more. 

But what makes a VSCO girl? 

I decided to embrace this new-rising trend and employ my inner-save-the-turtles mentality.

Proving the perfect time to implement this transformation, Homecoming Spirit Week’s Tuesday Twin Day allowed me to mirror that of the other VSCO girls in the school. But before my metamorphosis, I curated the “it” objects of the VSCO lifestyle. 

Step 1: Apprehend the scrunchie (preferably more than four).

 I loathe this uprising of extreme hair ties. It belongs in a hidden bathroom drawer instead of visibly choking one’s wrist. For a day, I ignored my disinclination and allowed cheap scrunchies (I am not about to spend money on these monstrosities) to live on my wrist—remember, just for a day. 

Step 2: Locate the Crocs. 

Yes, I had white rubber in-sole shoes in my home before discovering this trend. And yes, there was a point in my life where I wore Crocs every. Single. Day. But I’m grown (to a point) and fortunately dismissed such inclination to wear rubber. So I found my Crocs in the back of a closet and wiped away the grime and old age. Then I paired them with long white socks with my Crocs (is it too soon for heaven?). 

Step 3: Curate the Hydro Flask. 

It’s a great water bottle, but so damn expensive. Fortunately, I had one in my kitchen cupboard. Pastel green and squat, I decorated this bottle with minimal stickers (another clue to pinpoint a VSCO girl). I’m not about to go overboard.
Step 4: Harness a paper or metal straw. 

Don’t forget the turtles! Invest in a metal or paper straw to combat ocean pollution and tell all your friends of the harmful effects of plastic tubes. 

Step 5: Wear the oversized tee. 

I’m all about an oversized T-shirt. The ones I own are more on the darker spectrum of color, so I opted to go thrifting for the perfect VSCO shirt. Hoorah! I found an oversized tie-dye shirt to further complete my look—the VSCO gods are helping me along my quest.

Step 6: Opt for shorts.

I forgot pants altogether and wore shorts barely visible under my tunic. 

Step 7: Slather Burt’s Bees everywhere (forget the lips).

Oh the options! Minimalist was the goal when selecting Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm to commemorate the VSCO girls before me. I just love the smell of peppermint in the morning. 

Step 8: Display the hair.

Long, flowy hair is another characteristic of the VSCO trend. I tend to wear my curly hair down on most days of the week, so this day proved no exception. While VSCO girls wear their hair in scrunchies when the weather is too much, I was not about to cross that line. I still retain my standards. 

And thus I fulfilled my transformation, albeit reluctantly and uncomfortable throughout the entirety of the day until I could dispose of my Crocs and sinister scrunchies in the comfort of my home. 

Embracing this trend made me realize there is strength in numbers. Being a VSCO girls is an instant conversation starter—you can afford a Hydro Flask? Same! 

But does this VSCO code of conduct warrant individuality? 

Thus arises my concern for the VSCO trend: becoming one in a faceless crowd of many.

After adopting the VSCO lifestyle for a day, here is my verdict of the aforementioned trend: Choose to live your life with or without Crocs, but do so with a unique spark, retaining the flaws and characteristics which make you different among an overwhelming flood of girls proclaiming to save the environment one paper straw at a time.