Cavs’ win against Cox pushes them one step closer to the playoffs

Video by Jamaal Evans.

Bella Coulter, Staff Writer

By Bella Coulter

The Cavs got ready on the line of scrimmage for their next play. The score was tied and every decision was crucial. The play was called and the ball was snapped to sophomore quarterback Mike Newell. He glanced left and right, quickly making a decision and executing a pass to sophomore Zaakir Brown. The crowd roared as Brown ran the remaining length of the field and into the end zone to complete a 46-yard touchdown.

Celebrations were quick, as the players  immediately got into position for a two-point conversion. The play was successful, securing the Cavs a homecoming game victory.

“It was a hard-fought game against a team we hadn’t beat in 18 years from what I’ve been told,” said Coach James Yeager. 

Despite their eventual success, the game did not begin that way. When the first half ended, the scoreboard still read 0-0.

“During halftime, our coach had to go talk to the line and tell them what they had to do better,” said Newell. “But then after halftime, we got that all right and our line started executing.”

Yeagar made sure the team knew what was at stake, and worked to get them pumped up for the second half.

Yeager said, “You come out here in the second half and play like I know you play and are capable of playing or you can come out here and make this a close game and potentially lose.”. 

His pep talk was successful, and the team quickly played to secure their win. They tied with Cox 6-6, and then scored that crucial second touchdown and two-point conversion that kept them ahead.

“The second touchdown was a big deal because it helped us get up,” said Newell. “We had to take the lead with that big touchdown.”

This victory set the team up nicely for the playoffs coming up in November. If the Cavs win the last home game Friday, they will ensure their spot. 

“We are definitely securing ourselves a winning record, which is something PA hasn’t had since 2000,” said Yeagar. “It’s just another step to making sure we make the playoffs.”