Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Mackenzie Bernas, Staff Writer

By Mackenzie Bernas

Angelina Jolie comes back with a pair of infamously sharp cheekbones, pointy headwear, her own devilishly dark wings, and a penchant for…peace? Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is definitely a new inspiration for my hatred towards humanity. I’m fully aware that this movie had intentions of teaching life lessons like “Peace is better than war,” but I had no desire to forgive those evil humans. It was only once the movie concluded that its message about no one being completely evil or good was conveyed. In the end, Jolie’s acting and the plot—albeit slightly cliched— helped me end up enjoying the movie. 

First of all, if the first movie makes the audience believe a main character is the last of his or her kind, the sequel says “nevermind” to that. Like How to Train Your Dragon 2 and probably in Frozen 2—from what I’ve seen of the trailers—you’re a dime a dozen if you find your species’ secret society. 

Although there are some inevitable common tropes, the beautiful CGI and acting are able to tug at the audience’s heartstrings. The miniscule changes in Jolie’s somber expression send whatever emotion she intended them to. I could sense the malice in her eyes from one unblinking evil glare. Elle Fanning’s portrayal of an innocuous Aurora was another pivotal and memorable part of the movie. In one scene—I will reluctantly not spoil it—her expression of extreme grief transforms into a murderous focused hatred that holds the audience’s unflinching attention. 

My number one warning for this movie is to prepare to be frustrated. You will be annoyed when the humans do something stupid, by the miscommunication between Aurora and Maleficent, and definitely the queen. Another warning would be to refresh yourself on what happened in the first movie, but maybe only glance over the plot. Lastly, prepare yourself for a more powerful and not-so-conniving Maleficent.