Mandalorian review Chapter 5: “The Gunslinger”

Mackenzie Bernas, Staff Writer

By Mackenzie Bernas



This episode is definitely more action packed and related to the core story than its predecessor. Although it was predictable, I found myself enjoying it as one of the better episodes in the series. It won’t be most viewers’ favorite episode but it will definitely stay in their good graces.The story of this episode further establishes Mando’s hatred for droids, a skillful bounty hunter, and a caretaker with a lot to learn.

When Mando’s ship got roughed up in a shoot out and landed for repairs, he refused to have any droids work on his ship. This just reveals his blatant distrust of droids in general; this links back to clone wars when he likely experienced trauma as a child. Other than learning about his bias against droids, viewers catch baby Yoda waddling out of the ship where Peli (the mechanic) picks him up affectionately and critiques Mando’s skills as a guardian. Even though Mando cares a lot about baby Yoda, he still doesn’t know the ins and outs of taking care of a child which is promptly addressed by Peli when he leaves the young alien on the ship by himself. 

When Mando meets the seemingly ‘experienced’ bounty hunter Toro who turned out to be a rookie with his first job, he agrees to help him with his bounty for compensation of course. This leads to Toro being educated in the ways of a professional bounty hunter which emphasized Mando’s skills. The action scenes when Mando and Toro were chasing Fennec where exciting and definitely testing the limits of Mandalorian steel considering Mando took four shots to the chest. The rest of the scenes were somewhat predictable and made sure to turn and fans of Toro into haters.