Mandalorian review Chapter 6: “The Prisoner”

Mackenzie Bernas, Staff Writer

By Mackenzie Bernas



This was a good episode. We learned about present Mando, past Mando, and who he wants to be. This episode we get a better image of who Mando used to be as a strong member of criminals that take care of the dirty work. He seems like the member that killed anyone in the way of the job in intimidating silence. His old armor and old crew contrast to who he is in the present as a guardian to his small green companion.

When Mando was in a scramble for a good hideout, he finds his way to his diverse former teammates. The devil-like scarred fellow named Mayfeld and the hissing purple lady with the sharp teeth named Xi’an was a tiny bit over the top with their ‘bad guys’ act, but it was fun to see how Mando used to fit in with this crowd. 

The team’s relentless teasing directed at none other than Mando was irritating to say the least, but when Mayfield dropped baby Yoda, everyone watching in the room with me had the air of vengeance followed by a scream. Their mission to save Qin ended with betrayal on their part which led to a horror-movie-like scene of Mando taking them down one by one and ultimately sparing them. 

This change in Mando–who would’ve probably killed them without a thought before baby Yoda–gave them a taste of their own medicine when he locked them in a cell on the ship. This change came as a pleasant surprise and made me want to see even more of his fights.