Mandalorian chapter 7: The Reckoning

Mackenzie Bernas, Staff Writer

By Mackenzie Bernas


This episode in one word: awesome. We get to see Karga, Cara, Kuill, and even learn about how IG-11 was reprogrammed as a lover, not a fighter. All these characters come back with a not-so full-proof plan to put an end to the being-on-the-run business by taking back Navarro. Cara and Mando also get to witness the dark side of baby Yoda, even if he did mean to protect Mando from Cara’s arm wrestling skills. This team of characters combined with the twist and turns of the plot led me to absolutely love this episode.

As mentioned before, Mando wants him and his little adopted son to stop being on the run. Karga’s offer to take over Navarro is tempting but suspicious—as it should be—so Mando is and we get to witness the coolest droid ever come back to the show. Meeting IG-11, and even thwary but decides to take a chance. He then proceeds to gather his team heist-movie-cliché style flashbacks of his new programming, was one of my favorite scenes since he was what I judged to be the best fighter from the very beginning, and still holds that title. This was the only time Mando’s trepidation of droids bothered me. Don’t hate on IG-11! 

Honestly, Karga’s plan being a trap wasn’t a surprise, but it was shocking how baby Yoda convinced him to form a real plan for Mando’s team. Mando—being more flexible as a result of baby Yoda—goes with the flow and decides to trust Karga to the dismay of Cara. Karga doesn’t disappoint with betrayal but rather with faulty information. When the number of storm troopers they expected turns from a single digit to swarms of them, it doesn’t bode well for the team, but we are introduced to a new villain played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito, who also plays Gus in Breaking Bad. For the first time, this episode was not its own story with a satisfying ending, but a cliffhanger will eat at the edge of your mind til the next episode. Baby Yoda better take down those storm troopers and Kuill better be temporarily knocked out!