Bachelor for dummies No. 8


Avery Goodstine, Bella Coulter, Staff Writer

D: Well… This episode is about to be REALLLL steamy if you know what I mean. I don’t know if I’m ready: physically, mentally, OR spiritually.

D: HAHA all of them are living together. Who did that??? I really hope the producers or Peter didn’t think that was actually a good idea, and it was just done for the sake of drama because that is just way too awkward for me. 

D: And now they are just sitting there in silence… I feel that. 

D: BRUH. Victoria’s face when Peter sat in between Madison and Hannah Ann instead of the open spot next to her… Yikes.

D: And of course he picked Hannah Ann first. Why am I not surprised? 

D: Not gonna lie, some stuff is about to go down with Madison and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Like, what?

D: My first thoughts with her are: Why would she come on The Bachelor in the first place, knowing what the whole point of fantasy suites is? 

D: And also, Peter has literally like… done it with Hannah Brown four times in a windmill. So like, what did she expect? 

D: But that is a whole other can of worms that we can open once she is on the date with Peter, because I have some other stuff I want to say but it will probably be more appropriate when I see her and Peter’s conversation. 

D: Okay so, Hannah Ann and Peter seem to be having another great day. 

D: Where is the flavor though? Like, where? Yes, they seem to get along well, but personally, I don’t see the chemistry or bonding. Have they ever even talked about anything that might determine their compatibility? I’m pretty sure they haven’t.

D: And honestly, physical chemistry seems to be really important to Peter, and it seems like the only reason why he wanted fantasy suites IS to find out about that. I mean… lol why else would he be keeping Victoria around? 

D: Annddddd they are gonna spend the night together. Not surprised. I don’t even need to watch it to know what is going to happen. 

D: So… Now it’s morning. And LOLLLL Peter is talking about Hannah Ann like she is a whole new person and like he has such different feelings now. All because of the fantasy suite? Hmm, a little suspicious if you asked me. Kind of solidified my belief about Peter. A one-train mind…

D: Bro, what is she gonna say to Madison if she asks? I mean, I don’t think she should lie so I really hope Madison just doesn’t ask.

D: And Victoria has the next fantasy suite! I just have one question…is Peter purposely trying to make Madison freak out? Like, she literally expressed to him her concerns, and now he is going to leave her for last. If it were me, that would make me overthink SO much. Did Peter not even think about that? 

D: I’M LAUGHING. Hannah Ann is literally just sitting there so awkward while Madison is explaining to her what she said to Peter. I mean, what is she supposed to do? Hannah Ann knows that went down between her and Peter, but she doesn’t want to willingly give up the information without Madison asking, and Madison isn’t technically asking so….

D: Wow. So far so good. I’m surprised that Victoria and Peter have not fought yet. The key word is “yet” and even Victoria said it lol. 

D: Okay, but seriously, it is so hard for me to decipher what is actually the girls’ personalities and what is just the producers’ editing. Because from the outside, it seriously looks like Victoria never has anything to say other than “yes” and “no.” But is that accurate, or do they have real conversations that the producers just choose not to show? I don’t know which one it is, but to me it just seems like Victoria can’t carry on a conversation.

D: But they are still gonna go to fantasy suites together… Of course.

D: HAHA he’s doing the SAME THING. He’s talking about her like he can see a future together only after fantasy suites. Interesting, Peter. Very interesting.

D: And now it is time for Madison. 

D: When is she going to talk to him about her feelings? Is she just going to let this date happen and not talk to him?

D: Oh, she waited until dinner.