Girls basketball team celebrates their seniors with annual senior night

Bella Coulter , Staff Writer

By Bella Coulter

The PA girls basketball team had its senior night against Cox, winning the game 87-14. Despite there only being three graduating seniors on the team this year, the girls still had a lot of fun playing together, and celebrating each other’s accomplishments. 

They dominated the whole game, shown clearly from the scoreboard. The seniors were given a chance to relax on the sidelines, as they continued to pull further and further away from Cox.

Despite their limited participation in the game, each senior still scored double digits.

“I had 14 points, [Jasha] had 14 points, and Kendra had 13 points, who are all three seniors,” said senior Yanna James. Thanks to their sellar performance and scores, at the end of the game, Coach  DarnellDozier allowed each girl to take one final shot for the team.

“We were basically trying to get our last shot off in the game, trying to let each senior shoot,” said senior Jasha Clinton.

“That was my favorite part, actually,” said James. “When we got in the game, Jasha pulled from the volleyball line, then Kendra was next, then I was next.”

According to Clinton, the night was “very emotional” for the girls, as they realized that their four years of playing for PA was coming to a close. As they watch their underclassmen teammates, they expressed mild concern, but optimism for their future as a team.

“Hopefully they still keep winning,” said Clinton.

“I kind of feel scared a little bit, because they have stuff they have to work on, but I think they’ll handle it,” said James. “It’s kind of fun watching them play, watching them grow from where we first started to where we are now.”

At the end of the night after their easy victory, the team shared in the senior night festivities with food, a fun prank, and some gifts for each senior.

The girls usually have food in their locker room, so they ate immediately after the game, before the underclassmen attacked the seniors with their carefully planned prank.

“They did silly string in our hair and stuff,” said James with a laugh.

Then, it was time for gifts.

“I got flowers, all my candy that I like, lotion, perfume, stuff like that,” James said. 

All in all, it was a fun night for the seniors and the team, recognizing one of their last home games together.

“I was just happy,” said James.