Lady Gaga returns to form with “Stupid Love”

Olivia Brightbill, Staff Writer

By Olivia Brightbill

Instantly irresistible and catchy, “Stupid Love,” released on Feb. 28 is a successful return to form for Lady Gaga. 

Before its official release there was a hitch in Gaga’s plan when some impatient fans leaked the song. The internet went rabid and it spread like wildfire but her label somehow managed to scrape it off.

The artist has had her music leaked and the past and I feel bad for her, but I can also relate to the desperate fans. It has been seven years since ARTPOP, seven whole years since Little Monsters (her fans) have gotten music from campy, fabulous Gaga. 

I appreciate the Joanne and A Star is Born versions of Lady Gaga that are more subdued, a little more emotional and grounded. But, essential Gaga is the one she brought with this single. It is just as important for her brand to have fun, dance-pop songs as it is to have those slower, soulful ballads. 

It truly feels like the queen has returned, especially with the style of the music video. It is very nostalgic of the ’90s with a combination of Power Rangers and Mad Max—it is perfect. There is this kooky, over-the-top quality that has always made her stand out as an artist. 

The best part is that it looks like Gaga is having fun performing the song, and that is what makes her fans the happiest. I am looking forward to the insane costumes and choreography with her future live performances of this song. 

If this single is a tell of what the upcoming album is like, then Lady Gaga can just take all my money now.