Senior Lexi Geoghegan featured on NPR discussing school shooting drills


Photo courtesy of Lexi Geoghegan.

Jill Grinnell, Staff Writer

By Jill Grinnell

Senior Lexi Geoghegan was recently featured on a recent National Public Radio (NPR) radio broadcast discussing her opinion on school shooting drills.  

She was asked about the effectiveness of active shooter drills and lock downs, and she recalled how the procedures are carried out. Geoghegan also voiced her own and students’ general opinion on the drills, regarding them as an inconvenience or disruption to the school day. However, “My opinion is in no means to discredit the time and effort administrators have put into our safety,” said Geoghegan. “I am criticizing the system that puts our lives at risk.”

Geoghegan was surprised she ended up on the radio, because she called in to answer a voicemail prompt and then she was asked to speak on air. 

“It was scary to have my opinion attached to my name for hundreds of people to hear,” said Geoghegan.

Geoghegan was anxious to be on the radio, but was glad she was able to voice her thoughts on school shooting drills. “I’m a student who actually goes through it, not just an adult who has an opinion on it.”

Geoghegan is passionate about gun control and school safety, but has not been something she has been actively involved in. “Besides the occasional Twitter rant, this is the first time I’ve spoken out and been taken seriously.” 

She is also grateful for the opportunity to publicly speak out in this way. 

Geoghegan’s nerves were eased somewhat because gun control and shooter drills have become a prominent issue in our society, saying, “It’s important for students to be educated on aspects that involve their lives and personal safety.”