Netflix’s dramedy “Never Have I Ever” brings a comical look into a high schooler’s drama-filled life

William Toner , Staff Writer

By William Toner

While we’re all stuck in our houses we’ve all been looking for something new to watch seemingly everyday. One of Netflix’s newest shows is perfect for us high school teens.
The new dramedy Never Have I Ever, which is aimed at the 15-21 year old demographic, takes us along the journey with Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian teen with boy problems and a strict, traditional mother.
Devi isn’t a popular girl at Sherman Oaks High School, especially after what happened at the spring concert, but is out to change that after she is no longer confined to a wheelchair. She has big plans for herself, the first being to hook up with the “hottest” boy in school and swim captain, Paxton Hall-Yoshida.
Along the way Devi will have to balance her culture, schoolwork, wild social life, boy problems, and friend problems. Her friends Fabiola and Eleanor aren’t the most stable bunch but must fake it to make it.
Devi is also one of the school nerds, being “rivals” with Ben Gross for the title. However, of course the two form a bond that is tested multiple times and is put through some of the weirdest trials.
The life events of Devi Vishwakumar are narrated by John McEnroe, her late father’s favorite tennis player ever.
Season 1 of this amazing show is available to stream on Netflix.