“Stuck With U” is stuck in my head

Cassidy Davenport, Staff Writer

By Cassidy Davenport

Amid the crisis of coronavirus, music artists are still managing to create and produce songs for all the people at home to listen to, including Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber who came out with a new single called “Stuck With U” just last week.

The song has a very relaxing, slow rhythm to it that is definitely coherent with the lazy attitude many people have adopted since the stay-at-home order. Grande hits her signature high notes that never disappoint and Beiber’s soft voice is enough to make the song a nice lullaby. 

However, for many high school listeners, the lyrics may be incredibly unrelatable. As Grande and Beiber sing about being stuck at home with the love of their lives and enjoying quality time together. Most of us high schoolers are stuck with our parents and siblings, who at this point of quarantine, are slowly becoming unbearable.

When Grande sings, “I could stay here forever” and “there’s nothin’ I, nothin’ I’d rather do, I’m stuck with you…” one can only disagree with such a statement and imagine what it would be like to be with a boyfriend or girlfriend and not the siblings who seem to be having a yelling match for the fifth time in a day. 

Although not relatable for most high schoolers, the song has been met with high praise and excitement as it is the first release of Grande’s since the start of 2020, and has already reached the top ten on Spotify’s top hit lists. Grande’s beautiful notes and voice range never fails to impress.