Students find new hobbies during quarantine

Sarah Olander

With the unexpected change in life due to COVID-19, many people are finding new ways to pass their time. Some are finding comfort in new hobbies while others are enjoying reading or TV shows with all their extra time.

Senior Kana Roarty has begun learning to cook, as she is not only home for all of her meals, but has always wanted to learn. As a joke, she referenced herself as a “Michelin Star Baker” due to her ventures in baking. Some of the dishes that she has made include raspberry pie, Rice Krispy treats, cheesecake, and ratatouille.

Aside from learning to bake, Roarty has spread some cheer to her friends by handing out her baked goods to friends. She usually puts a treat for each of her friends into a bag and leaves them in their mailboxes with a note. “Delivering to my friends has been a fun way to connect with the people I miss while still practicing social distancing,” said Roarty.

Junior Tori Ochave has used her extra time to continue one of her already developed interests. Ochave is an artist and has been drawing or painting every day since school let out. She’s thankful for her extra time to work on her passion and explore her creative side.

Ochave has also begun to learn to play the guitar. Her grandmother gifted her grandfather’s old electric guitar to her and figured “now is a better time than ever to finally learn.”

Though many community members are missing the normality of their routines, they’ve also been grateful to take a step back and learn some new skills. Roarty said, “It’s a silver lining to having to stay home.”