Adrienne James’s productive summer


Rebecca Hearns, Staff Writer

By Rebecca Hearns

Like so many other Princess Anne teachers, special education teacher Adrienne James found herself at a loss for how to spend her summer without the close contact of friends. She admitted that it “took a toll on me.”

It’s been five and a half months of working from home, minimal contact with people, and lots of self-reflection. Throughout this period, and like many, James had a difficult time resisting snacks, but she explained that “instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, I took a turn and made it positive.” She noted that “after indulging in every snack there is, I decided to pay closer attention to my health and began walking.”

Mt. Trashmore, located two miles away from PA, has a perimeter trail that is roughly two miles. Once Virginia Beach began to open up parks again, Mt. Trashmore had an influx of people visiting the area. James was one of those visitors, noting, “each morning, I walked 5 miles at Mt. Trashmore.” She added that when going on her walks she would run into Princess Anne alumni, PA parents, and even a PA administrator.

During this new experience, James enjoyed the sunrise, took pictures of a full rainbow, and even made a new friend, a blue heron. “The best part of it all is that I have lost 10 pounds,” said James.