Running full speed through winter

Jasmyne Navarro

As the weather gets colder, the winter sports season at Princess Anne High School is starting up again. This means that indoor track had its first meet on Dec. 14 at the Virginia Beach Sports Center. 

Junior Armaan Chopra describes last year’s season to have been “very aggressive and competitive.” PA was able to bring back four state medals from the championship, Chopra added.  A notable mention goes to Will Griesmer for winning the 3200m championship and Armaan Chopra’s triumph in the 1000m championship.

Preparation for such an event takes months. In order to position for this year’s season, the team goes through a variety of workouts. Among these activities include pulling weight sleds, running with parachutes, or vests to improve their leg strength and explosions. 

To the team, bonding and working together is essential for them. Although underclassman Devon Fuller hasn’t been on the team for long, he shares that he feels very welcomed. Often after practices or meets they will go for food or hang out at each other’s houses.  Other team members claim that this camaraderie is what makes their team so great. Chopra explained that “The bonds they have with one another is what keeps them motivated to come to practice and train.”

The track coach Kevin Rhue states that “The one challenge we run into often is the lack of popularity of indoor track and field.” For many students the idea of going out to practice in the middle of winter does not appeal to people, leading the numbers to be more popular in the spring rather than the winter. As there are 15 different events to fill at these meets, Rhue stated he would love to see the team grow in order for them to be more competitive towards other teams.

Another obstacle the team may face is the end of the cross-country season, meaning that the team will have to train more to switch gears. Most events in track and field are focused on speed development and this is “a weakness for many on the team” according to Chopra. 

This season’s goals include trying to make it on the podium at the region meet. For many on the team, this seems very attainable due to the amount of work they put in, the bond they have with each other, and the skillful players on the team.