2022 World Cup brought excitement and controversy

Matt Murphy

This year, soccer fever came to the United States in the form of the FIFA World Cup, which was hosted this year by the middle eastern nation of Qatar. Princess Anne was no different in its support, as students and teachers alike were excited about the matches. However, this was a controversial world cup, due to the circumstances around Qatar as host, as well as reports of migrant workers being abused while building the tournament’s stadiums (NPR: Why Qatar is a controversial host for the World Cup). The actions of Qatar regarding religious, social, and political issues, as well as the global response, left a shadow of controversy over the World Cup, but the competition continued nonetheless. 

The World Cup has been considered unbeaten in the way it attracts fans across the world to a single sporting event, one that is watched by billions of people. From packed stadiums to classrooms it is an event that would be hard to miss. Matches like Japan’s upset with Germany and the politically charged USA vs Iran have gained wide coverage, and have been a point of excitement at PA. I love the world cup; it’s a really fun way to get people together and to get people competitive about something. The reason I like it so much is because of how international it is. Unlike the Superbowl it’s a worldwide thing, not just a US thing.” said sophomore Tim Wagener.

The world cup featured 32 teams from six continents and hundreds of players (ESPN’s World Cup 2022 team previews).  Over the course of a month, national teams faced off on the pitch, with billions of supporters watching. While teams were eliminated over the course of the tournament, the excitement and fan involvement remained.  

From favorite teams to the way the world cup brings people together, there are a lot of reasons to watch.I watch a few games when I can but most of the time I’m busy. When I do, I find it as a good source of relaxation. Sure, I’m not emotionally connected to any team playing, but getting excited about goals and cheering for the winning team is a great way to find peace in a chaotic society. “ said Rose Clarke.

Argentina won this world cup, defeating France in what will likely be considered one of the best world cup finals of all time. While Argentina led 2-0 late, and eventually 3-2 in extra time, France came back with an excellent performance from Killian Mbappe, who scored three goals. Of course, PA’s large community of French students was excited. “They have the players that play the best together,” said Pierre Peteul. France gave a good effort in their attempt to defend the world cup, but Argentina won in a penalty shootout, 4-2. This gave their best player, and possibly the best soccer player of all time, Lionel Messi, the world cup win that he had always dreamed of.