An upcoming tennis season at PA

Matt Murphy

With warm weather and longer days approaching, the tennis season is not far away. The PAHS girls’ team, which won the regional championship last season, will look to continue its success this year. With tryouts just around the corner, many are excited about the new tennis season.

In team tennis competitions, players play individually, in singles, or with another player on their side, in doubles. Each matchup between schools has six singles matches and three doubles matches, each counting as a point for the winning team. 

According to Princess Anne Athletics, the PAHS girls’ team went a perfect 9-0 in conference play, often winning all six singles and all three doubles matches held. The team had a solid postseason as well, with their only loss being against Maury High School in the state tournament semifinals.

Expectations are high for the team this year, as they look to have another great season. Despite the loss of four players, there is always a lot of competition to fill the gap. The players who serve, spin, and slice the ball best will hope to move up in the lineup, at the price of more difficult matches throughout the season. Freshmen and other new players will look to get a spot on the team as well.

For many players, the season is a time of fun and excitement, whether from competition or just being on the team. Sophomore Ysabel Wells is looking forward to the new season. When asked what she was looking forward to, she said, “Getting some more people interested in the team, and having some more success in the state tournament.”

The season opener will be at Cox on March 27, as the team will look to start another great year.