The newest addition to PA sports: Girls Lacrosse


Jam Munsayac, Staff Writer

The girls lacrosse team is a new installment this year at PA as it finally has become an official sport. The most interesting aspect about the team though is that most of the girls have never played lacrosse before, but the team has a record of 5-2. This year, there has only been a Varsity team as a JV team was not implemented. 

Sophomore Anna Griesmer talked about her experience so far on the team. “Our season is going really well. Everyone on the team is supportive and uplifting.” Griesmer was unsure at first as they didn’t know what to expect ahead of them. She thinks that lacrosse is a stressful sport to watch as the game can switch up relatively quickly.

Griesmer has never played lacrosse officially but has done a summer camp a little while ago. “I was interested in playing because I enjoy team sports as opposed to individual ones,” Griesmer said.

Her fellow teammate, sophomore Khanh To has also been enjoying the sport so far. “What makes our team so great is that we motivate each other and everyone’s super nice.” She acknowledged that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and when they come together, they are able to recognize each other and hold one another accountable.

Captain Sammy Heath talked about her experience on being captain for a new sport. “We have really good team chemistry so we’re playing well as a team while also having fun,” Heath said. Heath explained that the girls and the coach are both great, stating how it’s “really cool to go down in history as the first varsity girls lacrosse team at PA.”

Coach Devon O’Toole talked about her experience as a coach for a newly added sport. O’Toole says that her team is full of “heart, hustle, and athleticism.” She has felt the unwavering support of the school, especially from the other coaches and sports teams. As there is only Varsity this year, O’Toole shared her thoughts on having a JV team in the near future. “I hope that a JV team will be approved in the near future because it’s essential in building a sports program.” 

The girls lacrosse team has done an excellent job so far, remaining consistent in their playstyle and strategies. They are not only ready to conquer what lies ahead of them, but also have the courage, confidence, and determination to face all the challenges moving forward.