PA’s boys tennis finishes the year strong


Toby Scales, Staff Writer

PA’s boy’s tennis team has had its share of ups and downs this season, from games being frequently rescheduled due to weather (April showers…) to conflicts with player scheduling and other schools. Nevertheless, the team has not given up quite yet. With hopes to make the most of the final games, the Cavalier boys are ready to roll with the end of the season quickly approaching.

The game against Bayside High School on May 8th at PA started off with a bang as four courts were full of doubles rounds. Groups of two boys from each team stood on either side of the net and began to rally. While the Bayside and PA boys had similar shirts making it hard to tell who was who, it was quickly understood that the home team was in the lead. 

After about 15 minutes, the singles sets started up and fewer teammates were playing. Both teams played fair and well, with teammates bumping rackets as a sign of support for one another. As the doubles finished, Princess Anne’s team reigned supreme. Each team member stood tall against Bayside’s boys and got to work to crush the competition with a 9-0 win.

Senior Jackson Alexander stated that “For tennis, [Bayside] is an easier school.” Alexander had a confident attitude about the upcoming game on Wednesday and tournaments within the next few weeks. As the playing season wraps up for the year, post-season practice will continue until the last few weeks of the semester.

PA’s Senior Night match is Wednesday, May 10, but the boy’s tennis team intends to head to tournaments, where they will be playing in the last weeks of school in hopes of defeating their opponents one more time.