Killer Feels: Local Band On The Rise

Toby Scales, Staff Writer

Local punk band Killer Feels played an intense set on Friday the 12th at Riffhouse Pub in Chesapeake, VA. The group’s powerful sound and stage presence got the crowd moving while they played their set opening for the band Same Time Tomorrow’s anniversary show. With nine songs from their published discography and a few unreleased songs, the band was sure to please the eager mass of people attending.

The Virginia Beach-based band featuring members Shawna Vance, Brian Pursel, Josh Seiberlich, and BJ Alamon flaunted their passion for the craft as the group of four enticed the swarm of people attending the show. Killer Feels, which started around February of 2022, has produced a growing amount of potential in the last 8 months with two separate releases and their first two shows.

The performance started with “Vengeance”, a song off their latest release ‘I Wasn’t Planning On Naming This.’ As the show carried on, the songs got faster and more intense to pack a punch and leave their mark on the audience. Along with songs like “Welly Welly” from their first album ‘Another Month’, unreleased tracks hypnotized the crowd below, teasing a new album before the end of the year.

An album release before the year ends would be considered a feat for many young musicians, as they not only have to record, write, and practice but still have time for their own lives and jobs. This didn’t seem to phase the group though, as the passion for the music they created shined throughout the whole performance.

While the dark bar contrasted the bright light pouring on the group as they played, drawing attention to the four musicians crafting their art. The smell of smoke in the room could be considered off-putting, but there was almost a charm about the packed room that encouraged closeness between the listeners enjoying the band. Various ages were welcomed to the show, including younger people in high school and college, eagerly watching the four perform their second show of all time.

“[Young people are] our target audience,” said Shawna Vance, lead guitarist. “That’s the people we care about the most, the most enthusiastic. [The] people that make the most change in the world, so that’s of course the minds we want to connect with the most.”

Local bands create an outline of the possibilities for younger audiences. Musicians still in high school with their hearts set on being in bands and performing are encouraged by bands like Killer Feels to strive for their goals in music, and as long as they work for it. These bands give a guideline for how to successfully start a band in the area, showing that even students in high schools like Princess Anne can have their own local shows and performances. 

As the performance began to wrap up, their last few songs crashed through the speakers (following a shout-out to yours truly!). To the dismay of those who craved more from Killer Feels, they ended their set as there were three more bands that were coming up on the roster that night. The band then retired to their merch table to enjoy the rest of the show.

Killer Feels’ next show will be June 10th at Scandal’s Live on Holland Road. To find more on upcoming shows and updates for the band, go to @killerfeelsva on Instagram. Their merch site, where you can find shirts, backpacks, sweaters, and even shoes is linked here.