Valentines Day: a day of love or money?

By Logan Webster

I’m not a cynical person, and I believe love is real, but Valentine’s Day is stupid.

Valentine’s Day is an unnecessary holiday meant to make couples spend money on their significant others and make single people feel sad and lonely. Sure, if you’re in a relationship, receiving roses and chocolates and going on a nice date with the person you adore may feel great, but why on a single day? You deserve to be given thoughtful gifts and treated like a queen or king every day, so why should you be going all out just because everyone else is? If Valentine’s Day is the only day of the year that your boyfriend or girlfriend showers you with love and affection, leave them. You deserve better. Valentine’s Day should be just another regular, happy day in a relationship built on mutual love rather than a special day to go all out for someone.

On the other hand, if you’re a single pringle ready to mingle, Valentine’s Day only exists as a reminder that you don’t have someone to cuddle, compliment, be loved by, talk to, and laugh with. Everything related to the holiday springs out at you, haunting you all month, making you feel bad about yourself for not having a beau, when you should be strutting around like the strong, independent, amazing person you are. You have friends and family that love you more than any “sweetheart” could anyways.

However, my strong dislike for Valentine’s Day doesn’t stop me from wearing socks with hearts on them, pink attire, or from having my Valentine be my mom. Who needs roses and chocolates from a boy on Feb. 14 when you could watch Friends with your mom instead?