Kali Uchis drops a stunning full length debut album

Daria Burnley

Six years since she dropped her first mixtape, Kali Uchis released her first full-length album Isolation, giving listeners an in-depth sound to her dreamy bedroom pop aesthetic. Uchis has produced an authentically unique album, that combines styles ranging from Reggaeton to jazzy tunes reminiscent of Amy Winehouse.

Yet Uchis still successfully defines her own sound as she combines new and old school styling, creating songs and rhythms that seem to be neither in the past or present, but rather in a time of their own. Every song stands on its own, textured with feelings of independence, reflection, and dreaminess.

“Flight 22”  introduces an idealistic love story with flighty vocals and a R&B energy. “Dead to Me” is a spring bop as it’s a perfect song to block and remove all toxic energy from your life. The final song “Killer” is soulful and true to Uchis’ sound and style. Soft instrumentals guide the lyrics, exposing them in soft neon light a story of the perfect girl with the imperfect man.

Bumping to more upbeat songs, “Miami” featuring BIA is all about putting in work to make a name for yourself and collect your dues: “I ain’t here to be cute / I ain’t here to impress / You know why I’m calling / I’m here to collect.”

Uchis’ lyrics are a reflection of her own journey from making mixtapes in her suburban Virginia home to collaborating with some of the biggest names in wavy R&B like Tyler, the Creator, and Steve Lacy. Uchis proves that she has made a name for herself as a talented songwriter and altogether has made an album that reinvests R&B conventions proving her ability to make something old into something new.