Carrie Underwood’s new album reaffirms her country talent

Kendall Peterson

By Kendall Peterson

Carrie Underwood blew most fans away in her new album Cry Pretty, with her new sort of confidence and the rocking instruments that are defining her in new and better ways.

Underwood demonstrates her extraordinary abilities as a singer by hitting notes most singers only dream of. Her normal country vibes are elevated with elements of pop and rock ‘n’ roll in songs like “End Up With You” and “Southbound.”

The song “Low” really enhances Underwood’s range and power. While it is slow-paced and soulful, Underwood blows everyone away with her capability of reaching all those high and low pitches.

The song starts out with a single guitar but develops throughout, with drums and electric guitar. This reflects the lyrics and the song in general because it helps build and form the message and significance, as she sings, “I’ve hit rock bottom, I’m in it deep.”

Underwood also brings the soul and passion in the lead single “Cry Pretty.”  

The play on words and harmonies in “Cry Pretty” gives the song a refreshing twist, but the message of the song seems cliché, even though it is important. “You can pretty lie and say it’s ok / You can pretty smile and just walk away,” is pretty basic, although realistic, and acts as a truism.

The mellow accompaniment, however, takes the song to another level. Instrumentally, the song is well developed and incorporates several interesting rhythms and chords, especially during the interludes. While “Cry Pretty” is a decent song, it does not have much originality or uniqueness.

In contrast to “Low” and “Cry Pretty,” Underwood changes the mood and vibe in “End Up With You.” This is definitely one of the more upbeat songs, incorporating sass and an awesome syncopated rhythm, mixing up the usual slow, melodic tone.

There is definitely a song for everyone in this album, even for those who do not favor country music. Overall, I recommend everyone to listen to Underwood’s fresh, new style that makes this album more relatable and diverse.