Making the most out of thrifting in Virginia Beach

Jill Grinnell

By Jill Grinnell

From graphic tees, mom jeans, and everything in between, mainstream fashion trends are constantly changing. Keeping up with what’s stylish and trendy can be difficult and costly; however, thrifting offers an environmentally friendly solution for those who want to look fashion forward on a budget.

Thrifting allows shoppers to find vintage and high-end pieces for less than a fraction of their original price, but finding these items is not guaranteed. Shopping at thrift stores in more affluent areas will increase the chances of finding top-line clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, or Adidas. Still, every thrift store is unique and the likelihood of discovering signature pieces grows by visiting multiple stores in different areas.

When it comes to looking for shirts or sweatshirts, skim through colors, designs, or prints that interest you, instead of wasting time by looking through every single item. Don’t be afraid to look at men’s and women’s clothing because of size. You can always cut or trim excess fabric off from bigger shirts, but both cropped and oversized tops can look trendy based on the way you style them.

Every thrifter’s dream is to find the perfect pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, but shopping for pants in thrift stores can be challenging. Pants are sorted miscellaneously by size, brand, and style, and it takes time and patience to sort through every pair. Always bring a belt when you go thrifting because you may find a pair of pants a few sizes above your regular size, but you can still make it work by using a belt. Adding a belt to oversized pants creates a relaxed look with a snug waist, and it also gives any outfit a bit of extra flair.

Accessories are an important part of an outfit because they can enhance a simple outfit and present that fashion-forward look you want. At thrift stores, accessories like jewelry, hats, belts, or bags can be found for under $5. Buying affordable embellishments is a great way of expanding your style without breaking the bank.

The key to thrifting is being creative and upcycling old clothing into original and unique articles of clothing that can’t be found anywhere else. Gravitate towards items that you would typically wear, but don’t be scared to buy different pieces that are out of your comfort zone. Thrifting is all about being expressive, after all.

Places to Thrift

  • The Goodwill at Rosemont for higher quality brands at a reasonable price.
  • Family Thrift Center near Bayside for very inexpensive vintage clothing and costumes.
  • CHKD Thrift Store at Virginia Beach Boulevard for seasonal outfits.