Deanna’s Diary: The chaos of homecoming

Deanna Thomas

By Deanna Thomas  

So here’s the tea. Let’s talk about homecoming, a great time to have relationships for a week to just break up the Monday after the dance, where drama starts and ends, and a really good excuse to dress up and waste money. All this jam packed into one sensational night.

Don’t get me wrong, I love homecoming season, but it is the most stressful week of the entire school year. You begin to worry about the most useless things in the world, like whether or not you’ll find a date, even though you know for a fact you won’t see him or her all night except during the slow dance. Or if your dress will match your nails or your shoes.

If you’re like me, you’ll be worried about planning each outfit for the different spirit days. The real intense anxiety peaks at two points though: the long night for homecoming hallways and getting everyone together for pictures. What sucks about this week too is that even though you’re stressed, you don’t get a break until it’s over, so you’re stuck in a constant cycle of pressure.

That leads me to my next point: having to choose which friend group to get ready and go to hoco with. It brings so much unnecessary drama, because people get hurt if you don’t go with their group. NEWSFLASH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, there is no point getting hurt if you’re just going to see them at the dance. It is simply not that deep.

Thankfully, so far my experiences, going with a group have been kind of okay, certainly not perfect, but it’s only because I went with basically the same group my first two years. Freshman year I had eight girls in my room the morning of homecoming and it was craziness. Everyone was running around putting on makeup, doing hair, zipping dresses, putting on shoes, etc. I was hosting this circus and was catering to everyone else instead of worrying about myself, so everyone was ready outside taking pictures and I was inside getting ready by myself while my mom yelled at me.

I finally zipped up my ugly gold dress and put on my nasty maroon wedges and run outside to everyone looking adorable posing together. Getting a group of girls to take a picture is like herding cats, but we eventually did it and it wasn’t completely awful.

In addition, there’s always that group that all have dates. Those groups are probably the worst because you have to coordinate with everyone and match colors. I just don’t understand how they manage to do that when sophomore year I could barely coordinate with my own date, who ended up ruining the night.

Let me explain. When I go to dances, I am everywhere because I have a lot of people to dance with. Long story short, he was too busy at the back of the gym with his friends being mad at me for dancing even though I asked him to dance several times.

It’s just ridiculous, because freshman year there was drama when I wanted to slow dance with one kid but he was stuck between choosing me and some other girl. He ended up dancing with the other girl which is a good thing, because it would’ve been super awkward, but now we are great friends. Bottom line friends, if you’re deciding to go with either a group or a date, based on my experiences, go with a small group of close friends because they will never be mad at the back of the gym.