NFC Week 7: Panthers have biggest franchise comeback in its history

Akaash Kamdar

By Akaash Kamdar

Panthers 21 (4-2, 2nd in NFC South), Eagles 17 (3-4, tied for 2nd in NFC East)

The Panthers scored all of their 21 points in a wild fourth quarter, overcoming a 17-point deficit in a complete turnaround of a game. It tied for the biggest comeback in franchise history. Both teams seriously lacked in the running game, but Cam Newton really stepped up to take the helm of the passing offense and 47 yards rushing as well. For Eagles fans, the game was truly devastating to watch the game slowly slip away in one-quarter of the game after shutting out the Panthers for 3/4 of the game. The Eagles really needed to pick up this win to catch an early lead in the NFC East race, but the loss left them tied with the Cowboys and two losses more than the Redskins. The Panthers, on the other hand, keep their sights set on their division title by staying one game behind the Saints and are looking an early contender for a high Wild Card position.

Redskins 20 (4-2, 1st in NFC East), Cowboys 17 (3-4, Tied for 2nd in NFC East)

The ever-lasting, intense divisional game between possibly the biggest rivals in the NFL ended in possibly one of the most devastating results for Cowboys enthusiasts. Dak Prescott led back-to-back sensational drives in the fourth quarter (ending the day with 273 yards and a touchdown), once to give them a quick touchdown and the other to put them in field-goal range to tie the game. A last-second offensive penalty created a 50-plus yard field goal and kicker Brett Maher missed his first field goal hitting the left upright which most certainly has been good had the center moved slightly moving them back five yards for the final play of the game. It was Maher’s first miss this year since Week 1. This game was crucial to the security of the Redskins top spot in the NFC East and the Cowboys and Eagles, both tied for second place, have to play much harder to secure first place over the Redskins, who have only won the division twice since 2000. Are the Skins for real? They were destroyed by the Saints, but here they are atop the NFC East standings. Go figure.

Rams 39 (7-0, 1st in NFC West), 49ers 10 (1-6, tied for 3rd in NFC West)

In what seemed to be a pretty obvious outcome before the game even started, the Rams demonstrated their continuous ability to be able to decimate any team that comes in their way. Jared Goff is showing no signs that he lacks experience as a second-year quarterback, and Todd Gurley continues to tear it up with two touchdowns on the day and 11 on the season. The undefeated record for the Rams displays two things: a lack of slowing down anytime soon and difficulty for any team in the NFC to stop them on their clear path to the postseason and further to the Super Bowl.

Buccaneers 26 (3-3, 3rd in NFC South), Browns 23 (2-4-1, 4th in AFC North) OT

A gutsy call for the Buccaneers to kick a game-winning 59-yard field goal after their kicker previously missed a potential game-winning 40-yarder in regulation, left the Browns with their second heart-breaking OT loss this season, going overtime four times this year. The Browns repeatedly demonstrate their ability to stay in the game constantly throughout four quarters and blow it at the end. Rookies Baker Mayfield (quarterback) and Nick Chubb (running back) stepped up throughout the game and the Bucs late field goal was the determinant that finally secured the win. Although the Bucs looked like a steady team with a solid 3-3 record, their division is loaded with the Saints and Panthers, who are dominating their schedule. Tampa Bay will have to continue securing wins left and right to have a shot at the postseason; otherwise, they’ll be left in the dust by possibly one of the strongest divisions in all of football.